iteNlearning works to help improve the way in which it has been taught and learned in the last 2,500 years, providing solutions for education to move from being an education based on opinions and beliefs to an education based on scientific evidence and validated models, following the steps of the evolution of medicine. iteNlearning develops Professional Educational Tools that allow teaching and learning thanks to them and contribute to achieve the best possible Competence Neurodevelopment.

Areas of activity

All for small school children between 3 and 6 years of age, with interfaces, interactions and technology created for them and optimized content to ensure the correct development of the executive function: collect information, prepare and communicate it. With mentoring for their teachers.

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Specialized educational technology, adaptive digital publishing projects and personalized training for teachers in this area with the aim of students developing specific neuronal networks of mathematics. Getting full competition!

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All the verbal area of ​​the brain worked from early childhood through educational technologies created ex profeso, personalized resources based on the individual needs of each student and support to teachers.

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Specific digital tools to manage the construction of students’ knowledge and make a personalized follow-up of each of them, taking into account the latest discoveries in the neuropsychological models of learning in each subject. Total control!

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Our technology and our digital adaptive resources are also multilingual. Students can work only in Spanish, only in English or with both languages ​​at the same time, so that literacy and a fully native brain in both languages.

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An exhaustive approach to master the operation of keyboards, according to the latest pedagogical trends in the leading countries in education, such as Finland or Norway. Sculpting the brain from current technologies and interfaces.

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About as

In the year 1995 we joined forces two teams: one made up of cognitive psychologists, pedagogues and experts in neurosciences, and another made up of computer scientists and multimedia technologists. Our goal was very ambitious: jointly creating different pieces of software that would facilitate learning optimally in different curricular areas and educational levels.

They have been more than twenty years and, since then, we have researched, developed, implemented, tested thousands of students and improved in successive versions of their own educational technologies and a set of unique editorial projects in its genre: there is no other software on the market with these characteristics of foundation in cognitive science and validity demonstrated by monitoring in some cases of more than fifteen years in public, private and private centers, and in clinical centers specialized.

It is proven that when our software is used in a systematic and appropriate way, the results of the students do not simply improve, but that they are at the highest levels of competence.

Our structure has always had two large teams with twenty years of joint multidisciplinary work:

  • Experts in the knowledge sciences and their pedagogical application, organized around the Fonos Clinical Center, in Elche (Alicante, Spain).

  • The programmers and specialists in multimedia design, housed in the development laboratory also in Elche (Alicante, Spain).

Now and for the first time in the company, a commercial team is also added, with headquarters in Madrid (Spain), in the emblematic Crystal Tower, the skyscraper highest in the country. Our goal with the creation of this team is to promote the use of our tools to achieve effective improvement in teaching and learning processes.


Development laboratory

Clinical Center Fonos


Doctoral thesis of Elena López Cobeñas:
The detection of Linguistic Talent

Complutense University of Madrid.
Section: Specific programs for the stimulation and development of Language Talents. Pages 201-210.

See complete thesis (PDF)
See selected pages (PDF)

Book “Educational Neuropsychology Processes and Programs”

Coordinated by Dra. Pilar Martín Lobo.

Edited by the National Center for Innovation and Educational Research.
Section: Computer programs best known in our country for teaching reading. Page 120

See full book (PDF)
See selected page (PDF)

Professor Luz Pérez Sánchez

Complutense University of Madrid.
President of the Spanish Society for the Study of Giftedness.

Support letter (PDF)

Dr. Gerardo Aguado Alonso

University of Navarra.

Support letter (PDF)

Dra. Isabel Guilabert Torregrosa

Miguel Hernández University.

Support letter (PDF)

Dr. Vicente Rosell Clari

University of Valencia.

Support letter (PDF)
Carta de suport (PDF)

Eduardo Zubiri Vidaurreta

ETHOS center for the psychology of language and psychoanalytic psychotherapy (Pamplona).

Support letter (PDF)

Juliana Granado González

Director of CEIP El Vivero (Cáceres).

Support letter (PDF)

Mª Luisa Dávila

Director of CEIP Ciudad de Mérida.

Support letter (PDF)

Mª del Pilar Tena Guitiérrez

Director of CRA Valle de Alagón (Cáceres).

Support letter (PDF)

Ana Barrionuevo Albadalejo

Orienter of the IES Valdemedel (Ribera del Fresno, Badajoz).

Support letter (PDF)


Public administrations

Professional associations, foundations and associations

Public, private and concerted educational centers

Clinical centers and clinical professionals

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